Saturday, 30 November 2013

Why did I change the covers?!

So, the new episode of Jane is out! You can pick it up here on Smashwords:

I'm sorry it took me a whole month to get this one done but there were some big decisions to make that I had to chat with my editor about. I had a story for a novel Jane 8086 quite a while back…but then I decided to do this episodic thing. 

So THEN…we thought that if it's going to be episodic…the whole thing had to change quite significantly…because it couldn't ever really end…which actually ended up watering down the meat and potatoes of the plot. 

We decided that we'd go with the original story because "ED" says that she really wanted to see that story unfold…it had much more weight to it than the never-ending episodic version…but we'll still release it in little chunks at a time while I write it. 

This is kind of weird, but it seems to be working. Maybe at the end, we'll be able to take all the parts, smash em together and it'll still be the novel that I'd intended to write in the first place.

Regarding the cover for part 3 - I've been getting some mixed reactions with it. I think of Jane as a good time…it's fun. It's not HARD Sci-fi - it's accessible and light hearted. So, that picture on the cover is in that kind of spirit. That's what I imagine one of Jane's smiles to be like…and maybe her voice is like Tricia Helfer's? 

I suppose because you're giving someone a story and they're all imagining things differently to themselves, it's a little crappy to go and say that "here, this is what Jane looks like." That's not what I'm doing at all. With the episodic thing I was actually thinking about putting a picture of a different girl on the cover for every episode. 

Jane can look like anybody she wants to. So, that's just one way that she could appear. I didn't mean to alienate anybody by stealing away YOUR version of her and replacing it with mine. 

Also, this is a test to see if a cover with a pretty girl on it will attract more readers to the series. So, let's wait and see what happens. :) 

Stay frosty!


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